The Great and the Cynical


Ancient Greece and having been expelled from his homeland Diogenes ‘the Dog’ arrives in Athens to live out his old age as a homeless beggar and practice philosophy. Immediately he is cursing the immoral aristocracy, mocking the decadent rich and locking horns with Prince Alexander whose best friends likes to wear dresses, whose mother sleeps with snakes, whose lover has abandoned him and whose father, the King, is marrying every woman he encounters. Diogenes rails against immorality and Alexander lusts after war and murder and in the end history will label one of them as ‘cynic’ and one of them as ‘great’.

Relayed by way of bold, Renaissance style verse this production images how the lives of some of history’s famous names might have intertwined during the final years of Greece’s classical period when stories, poetry, philosophy and military campaigning jostled for prominence amongst men of new ideas and unswayable opinions.

Playing at the Bread & Roses Theatre, Clapham 17th-21st November 2016

With the following cast: Andrew Futaishi as ‘Diogenes’, Joshua Jewkes as ‘Alexander’, Mohsen Ghaffari as ‘King Philip’, Joanna Robson as ‘Olympias’, Simon Willshire as ‘Pausanias’, Louise Latham as ‘Hephaestion’, Natasha Colenso as ‘Apelles’, Kesia Guillery as ‘Campaspe’ and Jackson D. Kerrigan as Antisthenes. Written by Jeremy Punter.